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BY JOHN MASTERS Meridian Writers’ GroupROTTERDAM—Dead-calm sea. Nearly full moon rising through the porthole window. Almost no noise in the cabin. Bliss. And no chance whatsoever of hitting a storm or an iceberg, because this ship is safely docked and not going on...


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DUBAI ANNOUNCED in July 2014 that it would begin work on the Mall of the World, to be the planet’s largest shopping mall at 743,000 square metres—nearly double the size of Vatican City.

Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, is already home to “the absolute mother of all malls,” as the second edition of the Rough Guide to Dubai notes. Dubai Mall has 1,200 shops, everything from a Bloomingdale’s and a Waitrose to “a superb branch of the Japanese bookseller Kinokuniya.”

Retail therapy is such a key part of the statelet’s siren song to visitors that it even has the Dubai Shopping Festival each January (

“The festival sees shops citywide offering all sorts of sales bargains,” says the guidebook, “with discounts of up to 75 percent, while the big malls lay on lots of entertainment.”

No need to wait for the festival, though. Under the heading “What to Buy” in Dubai the guidebook says the answer is “almost everything.” In particular, “Gold, diamonds and other precious stones are cheaper here than almost anywhere else in the world.” Other year-long bargains include spices, perfumes, clothes and carpets.



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