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Gin Gin—Here’s to the City’s First Distillery in 200 Years
BY JOANNE SASVARI Meridian Writers’ GroupLONDON—Dusk is falling as we gather on a quiet residential street in Hammersmith, a group of strangers milling about in front of a row of small houses and garages. We glance at each other, wondering if we could possibly be in the right place. Then a door swings open and we enter a world fragrant with the herbal bite of juniper and the sharp tang of on...


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Lonely Planet Mallorca, 3rd edition





JUST WEST OF Mallorca’s capital, Palma, which the third edition of Lonely Planet Mallorca calls “the most agreeable of all Mediterranean towns,” is the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró (

The foundation is in Cala Major, “once a jet-set beach scene,” says the guidebook, but today its main attraction is the foundation, “a major art stop.” Built in 1992 next to the studio where Catalan Spanish artist Joan Miró (1893-1983) toiled for the last 27 years of his life, it has over 2,500 of his works, including 118 paintings.

“The island was an endless source of inspiration to the artist,” says the guidebook, pointing to “the pure brilliance of the light, and the vivid blues of the sea.” It quotes Miró: “I invent nothing, it’s all here.”

Beyond the studio is an 18th-century farmhouse Miró bought for more privacy. “Inside,” says the guidebook, “giant scribblings on the whitewashed walls served as plans for some of his bronze statues.” Examples of those sculptures are arrayed on the grounds. The foundation also displays Miró memorabilia, and part of its gallery space is given over to temporary exhibitions.

For more Miró visit Es Baluard (, the Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani in Palma; a room on the ground floor is devoted to his works.



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1. This is a drawing by:

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2. Captain Thunderbolt, a 19th-century highwayman, had a secret identity as a school teacher in:

a) Vermont

b) Maine

c) Rhode Island


3. Cape Coast Castle, once an embarkation point for slaves, is a UNESCO World Heritage site in:

a) Sierra Leone

b) Morocco

c) Ghana







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