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The Building Elvis May Not Have Left Quite Yet
BY JOANNE SASVARI Meridian Writers’ GroupSHREVEPORT, Louisiana—A visit to the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in northwest Louisiana is a chance to rub shoulders with legends of the American music scene—well, sort on...


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Time Out Copenhagen, 6th edition





IN 2010 COPENHAGEN’S Noma was named the World’s Best Restaurant by the British magazine Restaurant, setting off a flurry of interest in what’s become known as “New Nordic” cuisine.

New Nordic, explains the sixth edition of Time Out Copenhagen, aims to “‘express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics’ of Scandinavian cooking,” with an emphasis “on Nordic product (especially root veg, grains, fish, soft cheese, wild berries and herbs).”

Noma won two more World’s Best awards, in 2011 and 2012, and now has two Michelin stars as well. Several of its chefs have gone on to open their own places elsewhere in town, offering Noma-style cuisine.

The guidebook recommends a number of them. At Geranium, the only other Copenhagen restaurant with two Michelin stars, “expect sybaritic intrigue along the lines of smoked potatoes, dried peas and lovage.” Relae, with one Michelin star, features “Nordic dazzlers such as barley porridge with cauliflower ‘crumbs’ and wild mushrooms.”

Those who insist on eating at the original need to plan in advance. At Noma, “there has been a three-month waiting list for a table for the past half-decade or so,” warns the guidebook.



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1. This is a drawing by:

a) Edgar Degas

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c) Mary Cassatt


2. Captain Thunderbolt, a 19th-century highwayman, had a secret identity as a school teacher in:

a) Vermont

b) Maine

c) Rhode Island


3. Cape Coast Castle, once an embarkation point for slaves, is a UNESCO World Heritage site in:

a) Sierra Leone

b) Morocco

c) Ghana





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